At Lab Site we understand the operational realities of hydraulic fracturing. We leverage this background to help producers and pressure pumping companies realize improved hydraulic fracturing treatments through operational support, and reduced analytical barriers. 


Stimulation jobs depend on sensitive and complex chemistries and fluid dynamics to enable proppant transport. Our on-site mobile labs allow the measurement of fluid and proppant properties that are critical for reducing sand-offs and controlling costs. Through break tests, proppant sieving, viscometry, pH, and other experiments, we are able to capture variables that often have a material impact on hydraulic fracture performance.


Once the data is collected we can help reduce analytical barriers in your completions optimization workflows. We have a proprietary diagnostic visualization that contextualizes your completions data into a holistic multi-disciplinary view. This allows your technical team to see all the key data in one place and to quickly prioritize, saving time.

We're interested in hearing about your challenges and always looking to discuss new approaches. 



Alex has worked in progressively senior roles through his time at Trican Well Service, Husky Energy, Crescent Point Energy, and Saguaro Resources.  Alex has a combination of completions, reservoir, field and valuation experience having  contributed to 6 major Oil & Gas acquisition evaluations with a combined assessed value over $4 Billion CAD.


Unique History: Alex worked with Alberta Health Services as a security architecture programming consultant, ensuring the security of Alberta’s pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.



Alexander Lafreniere


Charles Wrightson

Charles worked in hydraulic fracturing quality control in charge of the fluid systems on stimulation jobs across Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Charles has extensive experience designing, maintaining, and operating equipment for the Oil and Gas and Mining Industries. He has worked building and modifying rigs, large scale compression packages, and rebuilding hydraulic fracture pumping equipment.

Unique History: Charles partnered in a Gold mine just around the corner from TV’s Yukon Gold.

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