Our on-site lab testing gives you confidence in your fluid and proppant properties, so you can optimize and stimulate more efficiently.

3rd Party Quality Control 

Gel and Water Testing

Proppant Characterization

We work directly for the producer so that our interests are directly aligned. 

Through enhanced communication and dedicated technical on-site support, we increase confidence for time-sensitive operational decisions.

Proppant suspension is accomplished through controlling sensitive chemistries and fluid dynamics. Our on-site laboratory and workflows are carefully designed to deliver critical data to inform on-the-fly and future decisions.

Proppant variability impacts the conductivity and connectivity of your propped fracture networks. Size distributions, sphericity, angularity, and tonnage audits are a few of the ways we can help you understand your proppant.


Operational Support

Lab Site gives you additional boots on the ground; increasing understanding and communication through on-site third-party quality control using mobile laboratories.

Sand-off Root Cause Analysis

A deeper understanding of viscosity, proppant concentrations, and other critical properties makes it easier to determine if a sand-off is caused by fluid, proppant, or formation issues.


Proppant Characterization

Is the correct grade of sand being delivered to your site? 


How much mixing of sizes is occurring in the hopper?

High resolution proppant photos and sieving for every frac allowing grain size and shape characterization.

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